Escuela de Arte para Niños y Jóvenes - Teatro Nacional Colombia

Course August -December 2017, Bogotá. Professors: Jorge Raedó (dramaturgy), Fabiola Uribe (space), Julio César Galeano (movement), Tomas Pinzón and Katy (music),  Esmeralda Quintana López (acting), Esther Celis, Alexandra (acting), Escobar (acting). Academic coordination: Federico Rey-Sánchez Quiñones. School director: Olga Naranjo.

"Laboratorio de preguntas" Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia (Bogotá, Colombia)

"Laboratorio de preguntas / Laboratory of questions", workshop 8 hours long with kids and youngsters. From the exhibition "La cosa está candela" by Los Carpinteros at  Museo de Arte Miguel Urrutia - Banco de la República(Bogotá, Colombia). Workshop by Jorge Raedó.

Photos of workshop in November 25th and 26th 2017.

Susas Biennial, Shanghai my Map (China)

Oct 15th, 2017, official opening of the Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (SUSAS), which will be running from 10.15.2017 thru 1.15.2018.

Among the different initiatives of SUSAS, I have been honored to participate in ECHO; a section exploring the social dimension of contemporary architecture. ECHO features a variety of challenges from the perspectives of development; education; memory; domesticity and the environment, through the the work of renowned institutions, artists and architects like Francis Kéré (Berlin); Jorge Raedó with "What is Architecture?", "Rakennetaan kaupunki!" projects (Bogotá); Ecosistema Urbano (Madrid); Instituto Pedra (São Paulo); Rural Urban Framework (Hong Kong); Andrés Jaque / Office of Political Innovation (Madrid), and Wang Zigeng (Beijing). Curated by Plácido González Martínez and Tian Weija.

"Shanghai my Map", new workshop by Jorge Raedó, Yu Tong and Wu Yuhe at Susas Biennial about the Huangpu riverside. With kids 6-12 years old. November 18th and 19th, 2017.

Yu Tong, Plácido González, Wu Yuhe.

Yu Tong, Jorge Raedó, Wu Yuhe.