What is Asheville?_the video (USA)

WHAT IS A collaborates with 10 TO 10 creating a site-specific project on arts education for children and youth for Asheville (North Carolina, USA). The first step was in HATCHfestival, April 11-17, 2011.
A  project by 10^10 http://10to10.org/
in collaboration with WHAT IS A 
for and HATCHed at HACH http://hatchexperience.com/hatchlings/

Video Production: Brian R.A.Miele
Sound Editing & Music: Tommy Gun productions

"WHAT IS ASHEVILLE? was a week of play and experimentation in the streets of Asheville using Cell phones, GPS, text messaging and mission-driven exploration. Middle schoolers from various neighborhoods of Asheville engaged their city as Living Game collecting obstacles and opportunities. Their  findings were be compiled daily into a Living Gameboard, an interactive collective journal were they dynamically organized and reorganized their collected information through the compositions of words, sound and imagery as a way to understand their city holistically. This lead to visions by our youth for our city, and a celebration on Earth Day!." 
Martha Skinner (10 to 10).