"My voice", workshop at Kiasma (Finland)

20 hours workshop at Kiasma (Helsinki, Finland. http://www.kiasma.fi/), with 20 kids 7-13 years old. 12-15 June 2012. The kids created a sound landscape with the fictional characters that inhabit the museum.
Teachers: Alejandro Olarte and Jorge Raedó, with the collaboration of Outi Korhonen and Tuija Rantala.
Workshop related to the exhibitions "Thak you for the music" and "Eyeballing. The new form of comics".
Photos by Jorge Raedó. http://www.flickr.com/photos/whatisarchitecture/sets/72157630158996008/show/
Studing the building
Studing the chosen spaces
The invention of characters who live in the chosen spaces
They write and rehearse the dialogue of the characters
Recording the dialogues
Exhibition of drawings and sculptures of characters
Performance in the chosen spaces with the recorded dialogues, with ipods and speakers