Rakennetaan kaupunki!_Onerva, “The new school”

Jyväskylä, Finland_November 2012

Rakennetaan kaupunki! (http://www.rakennetaankaupunki.fi/) collaborates with Onerva (Jyväskylän näkövammaisten koulu / visually impaired children and teens, http://www.jynok.fi/ + Haukkarannan koulu / hearing impaired children and teens, http://www.haukkaranta.fi/) and with Alvar Aalto Museum (http://www.alvaraalto.fi) making the workshop “The new school”.
Students think about how the new building/school should be. They use ipads and iphones to record sounds and images in order to express their thoughts. Photos by Jorge Raedó, director of the workshop.