Amag!_Creaviva at Zentrum Paul Klee

Zentrum Paul Klee ( in Bern, Switzerland. The department of education, “Creaviva” (, makes an excellent and inspiring task. Creaviva has created a special video and text for Amag!

Amag! Issue #2 , Saper Vedere by Kindermuseum Creaviva, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern. from Amag!

Lost dialogue between Paul Klee and the Angel of Oblivion. Amag! found it in the gut of a cow.

(Sunrise.Clear space in the forest. Paul Klee is drawing the Angel of Oblivion. The Angel is still in front Klee. Wind in leaves.)

Klee: Don’t move.
Angel: The wing itches. 
(Klee continues drawing.) 
Angel: Can you scratch my wing? 
Klee: Don’t move. 
Angel: Oh, Paul, it is just a sketch. 
(Klee leaves the tools and walks towards the Angel.) 
Angel: Don´t move!!! 
(Klee stays still as a statue.) 
Klee: I can not move. 
Angel: Trees are drawing you. 
Klee: You fooled me again. 

(The Angel closes its eyes and smiles. Thousand birds migrate from the Angel´s wings.)

Left: “The Angel of the Oblivion” by Paul Klee. Right: Paul Klee