Seminar Direito de Brincar in São Paulo, Brasil

Jorge Raedó was invited to the Seminar Direito de Brincar, organized by IPA Brasil and ABBri. With collaboration of Red OCARA. November 10th and 11th, 2014... in São Paulo, Brasil.

Article by Jorge Raedó in "Finlandia y otras escuelas" on FronteraD magazine.

The fhe first lecture by Jorge Raedó was about Rakennetaan kaupunki operas with Finnish schools.

The second lecture was about Amag! Architecture Magazine for Children and What is Architecture? (both photos by Marieta Colucci).

Irene Quintans, director at Red OCARA, explaining this Latinamerican net on City and Childhood. Jorge Raedó is adviser at Red OCARA.

We made two workshops with Amag! Architecture Magazine for Children article-games. First with kids (photo by Irene Quintans), later with school teachers.

Jorge Raedó created the new workshop "Tell me a story" (90 minutes), assisted by Irene Quintans and Marieta Colucci (author of third photo). With 31 kids from Abrigo CCA São José (Santa Cecília). Fifty school teachers and pedagogues were the audience.

"The house of Music" workshop by Jorge Raedó, supported by Irene Quintans and Marieta Colucci. The picture shows Marialena Flores, director at IPA Brasil, and Maria Celia Rabello, director at ABBri