III International Encounter on Architecture Education for Children and Youth_Jan 16-17th 2016, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid.

III International Encounter on Architecture Education for Children and Youth was celebrated in Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, on January 16 and 17th 2016. An iniciative by Jorge Raedó - Osa Menor, coordinated by Virginia Navarro - Cuartocreciente, supported by Proxectoterra, organized by Grupo Playgrounds. Article by Jorge Raedó: http://fronterad.com/?q=bitacoras/jorgeraedo/iii-encuentro-internacional-educacion-en-arquitectura-para-infancia-y-juventud  

Interventions are grouped around three main themes:
  • Architecture Education in schools and educational institutions (formal education). In this section involve, among others, Jaana Räsänen (Architecture Information Centre Finland) to explain the teaching of architecture in Schools and Schools of Arts for Children in Finland. 
  • Architecture Education in Museums and other alternative spaces (no formal education). This block will be introduced by Marta Morelli (Italy) to explain the educational architecture projects  she develops at MAXXI -Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Rome-. Currently the museums and art centers are the places where this activity has achieved greater diffusion. 
  • Architecture education as a tool to design spaces with children and youth. Besides its educational task, architects dedicated to this subject become activists of child's needs in the city. Angela Uttke (Germany) explains the work of child participation in schools developed by JAS association(Jugend Architektur Stadt). Other speakers like Irene Quintans (Red Ocara) or Miguel Rodríguez (Basurama Brazil) will present projects and initiatives linking education and participation in solving specific problems of children in the city.
Speakers (in order of appearance):
  • Jaana Räsänen (Finland). Architectural education for children and youth in Finland. Schools of Architecture for Children and Youth. Main projects by Architecture Information Centre Finland. 
  • Mina Sava (Romania). Projects by De-a-Arhitectura.
  • Xosé Manuel Rosales Noves (Spain). Proxectoterra, Galicia.
  • Javier Abad (Spain). "The art installations as ephemeral architectures for relational life at school".
  • Morelli Marta (Italy). Educational architecture projects by the education department of MAXXI -Museo Nazionale delle Arti del XXI Secolo, Roma-.
  • Carlos Naranjo (Colombia). School of Arts for Children and Youth at Facultad de Artes of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL) and Lunárquicos. He is Dean of Facultad de Artes (UNAL).
  • Angela Uttke (Germany). Projects and work methodology by JAS (Jugend Architektur Stadt).
  • Irene Quintáns (Brazil). "Children and city. Experiences in Brazil and Latin America". She is founder and coordinator of Red OCARA (Latin American Network of art, architecture and public space).
  • Carolina Pizarro (Costa Rica). "Sharing with Costa Rican children and youth creative playful experiences with issues of architecture and city."
  • Stella Claudia Celis (Colombia). "Early childhood educational environments, an opportunity to rethink the architectural project." 
  • Miguel Rodríguez (Brasil-España). Basurama. 
Virginia Navarro, coordinator.

Jaana Räsänen (Finland)

Mina Sava (Romania)

Xose Manuel Rosales (Spain).

Javier Abad (Spain)
A break.

Marta Morelli (Italy)

Carlos Naranjo (Colombia)

Angela Uttke (Germany)

Irene Quintans (Brazil)

Carolina Pizarro (Costa Rica)

Claudia Stella Cellis (Colombia)

Miguel Rodríguez (Spain-Brazil)
Grupo Playgrounds roundtable.

Photos by Jorge Raedó but the last by Ana Amado.